To some it's half empty,
to some it's half full.
To me, it's time for a beer run.


Chance Drizzle then Freezing Rain Likely
Low of 31.00°
5 to 9 mph ENE

A chance of drizzle before 7pm, then freezing drizzle between 7pm and 11pm, then drizzle between 11pm and midnight, then rain and areas of fog between midnight and 2am, then freezing rain likely and areas of fog between 2am and 3am, then freezing rain likely and areas of freezing fog between 3am and 4am, then areas of freezing fog and a chance of freezing rain between 4am and 5am, then areas of fog and a chance of rain. Cloudy. Low around 31, with temperatures rising to around 33 overnight. East northeast wind 5 to 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Little or no ice accumulation expected.


Rain then Heavy Snow And Patchy Blowing Snow
High of 35.00°
7 to 24 mph NNE

Areas of fog and a chance of rain before 8am, then rain and areas of fog between 8am and 2pm, then snow and areas of fog between 2pm and 3pm, then snow and widespread freezing fog between 3pm and 4pm, then snow and areas of freezing fog and patchy blowing snow between 4pm and 5pm, then snow and areas of fog and patchy blowing snow. Cloudy. High near 35, with temperatures falling to around 31 in the afternoon. North northeast wind 7 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 37 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible.


Temperature: 32.20°

Minimum: 13.28°  (7:21 AM)

Maximum: 33.26°  (2:21 PM)

Wind Chill: 29.12°

Heat Index: 32.18°

Dew Point: 31.10°

Record High: 74.84° (2017)

Record Low: -6.00° (1960)

2019 High: 62.42° (01/05/19)

2019 Low: -15.16° (01/30/19)


Current Wind Avg: 2.30 mph

Current Wind Dir: East North East

Gusting To: 3.50 mph

Max Gust Today: 17.30 mph

Barometer: 30.03

Barometer Trend: -2.10

Cloud Height: 1,331.40 ft


Last Updated: 2/22/2019 11:06:00 PM


Daily Rain: 0.00 in.

Maximum Rate: 0.0000 in. minute

Yesterday Rain: 0.04 in.

Monthly Rain: 0.13 in.

Yearly Rain: 0.23 in.

Current Humidity: 96.00%

Min/Max Humidity Index: 5.72°/28.04°


Office Temp/Humidity: 68.50° / 35.00°


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Weather history for this day (2/22). Each year I've had a station.

 DateHighLowDaily Rain
02/22/2019 Friday33.26°13.28°0.00
02/22/2018 Thursday30.38°21.56°0.00
02/22/2017 Wednesday74.84°44.42°0.00
02/22/2016 Monday44.96°33.98°0.00
02/22/2015 Sunday18.86°6.62°0.00
02/22/2014 Saturday41.36°27.32°0.00
02/22/2013 Friday23.72°6.26°0.00
02/22/2012 Wednesday55.40°35.96°0.00
02/22/2011 Tuesday37.94°9.50°0.00
02/22/2010 Monday24.08°6.26°0.00
02/22/2009 Sunday35.06°13.46°0.00
02/22/2008 Friday37.22°12.38°0.00
02/22/2007 Thursday47.12°28.40°0.00
02/22/2006 Wednesday53.60°16.40°0.00
02/22/2005 Tuesday46.70°30.10°0.00
02/22/2004 Sunday57.90°34.70°0.00







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