To some it's half empty,
to some it's half full.
To me, it's time for a beer run.

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Example: First guess being "strip" and no matching characters
Enter the following Guess: strip Good: Bad: strip Place: ?????
You try the word "clone" and only find the letter "O" is in it. Guess: clone Good: o Bad: stripclne Place: ??!o???
This says any character for the first 2, not "O" for the third but anything else with "?", and then any character for the last 2.
Place must contain a total of 5 characters or "?" question marks. It may hold any number of not characters in the form of "!x".
You try the word "hoagy" and find "O", "G", and "Y" in thier correct places. Guess: hoagy Good: ogy Bad: stripclneha Place: ?o?gy
Any character for the first, then "O", then any character, then "G", and then "Y"